I was riding my motorcycle yesterday and was at the Crossroads Shopping Center, when I saw this car ahead of me. So I pulled over and as the owner was getting out, she flashed a big bright smile at me. It's not often you see a car like this, so I asked her about it.

Her name is Diane Hammell of Stewartville and she is the owner of the 'happiest car in America'. The car is adorned with 265 happy face stickers and there are multiple smiley face items INSIDE her car. It's actually hard to see anywhere where there isn't some sort of smiley face.

Take a look at the hubcaps. Yes, they're on there, too!

I had the chance to talk with Diane and find out what her car was all about and how she got started. It's a great story with a happy ending, of course! The car even has its own Facebook page! Here's what she had to say.

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