I know a bunch of moms that have been wondering, "When are the parks going to reopen?".  I've got good news but also a heads up for families who venture out for fun.

Rochester Parks and Recreation shared the following news on their Facebook page:

We shared today that parks play structures and playgrounds are now open. This includes the skate park at Silver Lake Park.

Playgrounds and the skate park will not be sanitized and users can play at their own risk. Users are encouraged to wash hands before and after play and to stay home if they are feeling sick. In addition, users are required to follow all social distancing guidelines.

You can read the full statement from the City of Rochester here.

They are open but heads up, they are not going to be cleaned.  If you do go out, bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you and be sure to put some on before AND after you have fun at the parks.

Will I be going out to enjoy our parks?  I've got kids with asthma, I have asthma, and both of my parents are high risk if they get Covid-19, so I won't be going anytime soon.

Will you be going out to enjoy the parks in Rochester?  I'd love to hear what other parents feel safe doing.  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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