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On Spotted in Rochester there was a post wondering what the tipping rules were in Rochester for coffee shop employees. Seems the person purchased a coffee, the employee said they appreciate tips, and long story short, there was some rudeness on the part of the employee over the amount of the tip.

So, first question, does Rochester generally believe we should be tipping at coffee shops? The answer there is a resounding yes. By a large majority people said yes to tipping at a coffee shop.

However, many said yes..at least most of the time.

"JP - Typically, I tip at coffee shops. I've worked for a few coffee places, all of which accepted tips. Tips are wonderful, encouraged, and appreciated. However, not necessary.

Most baristas make at least minimum wage, so tips are extra. They don't have the same application as tipping a waiter/waitress who makes a much lower server wage. The situation this lady was put in was extremely rude and unprofessional by the barista. You should never "demand" or assume you will be tipped, or that you get to "keep the change". On principle I would not have tipped in this situation."

Girl with coffee and mobile phone

SG said he's a yes, but...

SG - I can’t remember the last time I was in a café, but my instinct would be to say yes. But then, is what they do really fundamentally different from a worker at McDonalds or BK?

And yet another perspective...drive thru with a card, maybe, but with the app, definitely.

CL - It depends. If I pay with my card in the drive-through, I don’t have to sign, and I don’t always have cash to tip. But I try to tip a little more when I do. (If this) is at Caribou or Dunkin; at Dunn I use the app, where you can add a tip (which I do).

Heads up coffee shops...if you can swing an app, add a tip option.

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And finally, the anger ball perspective...

GR -  If you think you should get tips, you're wrong. If you think you deserve tips, you're wrong. You don't like the job cuz it doesn't pay enough, get a job that does. Freakin people always want a hand out.

PERSONAL NOTE: Do I feel I NEED to tip baristas? No. But I do because I LIKE to. Generally speaking, if its within my power to tip someone, I will. I'm too busy to stop and figure out who deserves a tip and who doesn't. (James)

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