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A Minnesota State Patrol trooper from Rochester has been honored for helping to save a man during the middle of another sub-zero Minnesota winter night.

When they clock in for their shift each day, members of the Minnesota State Patrol never really know what they might encounter. My dad was a police officer for over 30-years back in my hometown in central Wisconsin, so I have a special appreciation for the tough work ALL law enforcement officers and first responders do every day.

But one night back in January of last year, Trooper Dahlton Bowe, who works out of the State Patrol District 2100 office here in from Rochester, helped save the life of fellow Minnesotan-- in sub-zero temperatures, no less. While Trooper Bowe's life-saving night actually took place on January 12th of 2020, he was just honored with the State Patrol's Life Saving Award during a virtual online ceremony on Wednesday.

According to the State Patrol, those annual awards "recognize the heroic things state troopers, first responders and citizens did last year to help their fellow Minnesotans." The awards help shine a light on "citizens, troopers and other public servants who put the needs of others above their own in an effort save lives on Minnesota roads in 2020."

Here's why trooper Bowe was honored: According to this Mankato Free Press story, he and a fellow trooper found an unconscious man, lying face down in the snow outside Mankato-- on a night when the wind chill was a balmy -19 degrees. Both troopers carried the man about 50 yards through a wooded area and helped get him into an ambulance waiting nearby.

The story said the man's body temperature was "dangerously low," and that he probably wouldn't have survived without the quick-thinking and work of trooper Bower and fellow trooper Kevin Wellens. Well-done, troopers! Thanks for your service and tireless work keeping us safe here in Minnesota!

And while troopers Wellens and Bowe happened to be on patrol that January night near Mankato, did you know the Mankato area is also home to this way-cool home that has a hidden indoor pool?!? I know, right? Keep scrolling to check out the pictures!

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