Long-standing Rochester Business is Closing after 44 Years

A business that has been serving the Rochester, Minnesota area for over 44 years has announced that they are closing.

Northern Lights and Furnishings, located at 511 Northern Hills Drive NE in Rochester, Minnesota, has been providing its expertise in lighting design and home furnishings for over 44 years.  According to the multiple signs posted in front of the building and an e-mail that I received, the store is starting its retirement/store closing sale on Thursday, June 10th, and will be giving away 10 fantastic prizes at the end of the sale.  

"We thank the wonderful friends and customers we have been able to serve for over 44 years." - Greg Gill, Northern Lights and Furnishings

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams


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When the pandemic hit, these stores in Rochester closed forever.

Back when COVID news started, we all thought that we'd hang out at home for a few weeks and life would get back to normal.  I don't think any of us had a clue what the next 400+ days would be like living through this pandemic.  Unfortunately, during that time frame, we lost many businesses in Rochester and you can see a good chunk of the stores that closed their doors forever.

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What should go in the old Shopko store in Rochester?

Remember when Rochester had two Shopko stores?  One was on the NE side and that now has been remodeled and is occupied partly by Haley Comfort Systems.  But the store on the south side is sad looking and has been empty for quite some time.  Check out the ideas below that people have for this location...and if you've got the cash, let's make one of these happen!

10 amazing ideas for what should go in the old Shopko South store

The old Shopko South store has been sitting empty for quite some time - other than a few Halloween costumes being sold for a few months. The outside looks horrible and it is starting to look more like a haunted house than a place that is viable. So, just in case anyone has some cash laying around and a desire to start a new business, here are a few ideas that people in Rochester had for this space.