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Last week we celebrated a Rochester brewery being named one of the best in the country. Today, I'm bummed to bring you this news - we bid farewell to another Minnesota favorite.

ICYMI: Rochester Brewery Named One of the Best in the Country.

Dang near every time I'm in the cities, we make a pitstop at this brewery. They have cute little shop-local markets often, an awesome ambiance, tons of games, and of course, magnificent brews.

After 8 years in business, the brewery announced that tomorrow (December 30th) will be their final day in business.

And, some good news to ease the sting a bit - You can enjoy their beer for ONLY $5 today and tomorrow! "You read that right, $5 BEERS for the rest of the week. All styles. All flavors. 5 bucks a beer." - Lakes and Legends on Facebook.

Personally, I'm super bummed to hear this news. And I definitely wasn't the only one. There were lots of people chiming in to share their support:

Worst news of the day😢 thank you for all you did in creating an amazing community
You will be so missed! Best of luck on future endeavors
- Brandy

Noooooooooo.. This is incredibly sad news. First brewery I fell in love with since I moved back.

Thank you for hosting so many events to support animal welfare work and providing space for rescue pets to meet their forever families!
- Zorica

If you haven't been to Lakes and Legends yet, it's worth the trip. You can find them on La Salle Ave in Minneapolis.

I have to say they also have one of my favorite logos of all time. I bought a crew neck sweater there and I wear it ALL the time.

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