I cannot imagine the stress of this - you have to work, but your kids can't go to school and your daycare is closed. What do you do? Mayo Clinic has been trying to develop back-up child care plans for staff and seeking advice via social media. That's where this idea blossomed. School is closed - high school AND college included - Why not use social media to match those available older students with health care workers who need care for their kids?

Two daughters of Mayo Clinic physicians, Rioghna Pittock, a junior at Mayo High School, and her sister Hannah, a senior at the University of Chicago, stepped up to the plate. They created an online initiative called Step Up to SIT.

At a time like this, it is easy for young people, who are largely unaffected by COVID-19, to feel helpless. It is our hope that through this initiative we can empower young people to do what they can to keep their communities safe, and at the same time offer valuable and necessary assistance to healthcare and other essential workers so they can feel confident continuing to do their jobs to keep our Rochester functional and healthy. - Rioghna and Hanna

If you are a student willing to help OR a parent looking for help, click here for more information and to apply.

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