A very funny meme going around on social media has created some of the best 2020 campaign slogans Minnesota will see this year.

While politics these days can be pretty divisive, here's ONE aspect of the 2020 election year that will bring a smile to your face-- hopefully, that is. A meme going around has a very funny way to come up with your 2020 campaign slogan.

You take your name. Then add '2020'. Finally, add your slogan-- which is the last thing you said to your pet. Put 'em all together, and voila, you get some of the best campaign slogans the Land of 10,000 Lakes has ever seen.

Take my new campaign slogan, which, using that formula, would be: 'Curt 2020 - Do you have to go outside and go potty?' (Which was the last thing I asked our dog, Asher, as I let him out to take care business before I left for work this morning.)

That's a pretty good slogan, but there are some even funnier slogans on the Quick Country 96.5 Facebook page:

Like Karla's, which is "Karla 2020 - Stop licking me!" (I'm guessing she told her dog this-- I hope...)

Or Becky's slogan: "Becky 2020 - You need to calm down!" (That's good advice for all of us...)

And Sara's slogan isn't bad, either: "Sara 2020 - I made you a pooping spot in the snow." (That's that public service... well done, Sara!)

My personal favorite, though, might be Andrea's campaign slogan: "Andrea 2020 - Get back here, I know you hear me!" (Which, come to think of it, is something we'd probably like to say to several of our elected officials, isn't it?)

What's YOUR 2020 campaign slogan?

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