'Tis the season to be merry and bright, and these five festive drinks will put a little pep in your step during the holidays in southeast Minnesota!

When it comes to those festive drinks that are usually served during the holidays, I'm a big fan. (And, contrary to popular belief, they aren't all alcoholic!) So before you can say Happy New Year, check out some of these drinks that will guarantee you have a real cool 'Yule!

#5) The Peppermint Mocha at Bravo Espresso-- According to a story in Rochester Magazine, this holiday favorite doesn't have to be just that... its classic pepperminty taste is available year-round at this downtown Rochester coffee shop, located in the Shops at University Square.

#4) The Peppermint Patty at Charlie's Eatery & Pub -- Keeping the holiday peppermint theme going, but adding little alcohol, this drink consists of “one shot Mother’s Peppermint Schnapps and hot chocolate," the story said.

#3) Santa's Nightcap at Five West -- This one keeps our minty theme going too, but is a little more exotic. It's made with "Ciroc French vanilla, Godiva white chocolate, peppermint mint schnapps, and a chocolate swirl with a candy cane to top it off," the story noted.

#2) The Candy Cane Martini -- I'm not sure if any area restaurants are serving a version of this, but if you follow THIS recipe, you can make them yourself at home!

#1) The Tom and Jerry -- Many Rochester restaurants and bars serve a version of this one, too (places like Five West, Whistle Binkies and others), but again, I prefer to make a version at our place. Check it out HERE.



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