You don't have to wait until December 25th to get this holiday present from Rochester Public Utilities!

Seeing as we're just a little over two weeks away from Christmas Eve, you probably have your holiday decorations up already. But you can always ADD a few more, right-- especially if RPU will help you pay for the cost, right?

Did you know RPU will PAY you to upgrade your holiday lights and decorations again this year? That's right, they will! According to the latest issue of RPU's Plugged In, if you upgrade your holiday lights and decorations to include new LED lights, RPU will help you pay for them!

"RPU is again offering a rebate for LED holiday lighting and decorations. The rebate (depending on the number of lights) can be up to $12 per strand. There is no cap on the number of strands you can purchase, and this offer is available no matter where you purchase them," RPU's Plugged In noted.

LED holiday lights have been around for a number of years already, and they really DO help conserve electricity. In fact, Plugged In says LED light strings "Use a fraction of the energy standard incandescent bulbs use. Based on the type of LED used and the application, LED holiday lighting could save you up to 90% in energy costs when compared to incandescent lighting," RPU said.

That's pretty good! We bought all-new LED holiday lights when we moved into our house in Rochester back in 2012, but I wasn't smart enough to save our receipts. But YOU can right now and take advantage of RPU's way-cool holiday rebate. Check our RPU's website HERE for all the LED holiday light rebate information!

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