Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think you have a guardian angel? If so, have you ever had an experience that makes the afterlife seem so much more real? Crazy stuff keeps happening to me that makes me think I'm getting a greeting from the other side. 

Let's start with the back story:

My grandma lost her battle to pancreatic cancer 11 years ago today. She and I had a bond like no other. When I was a kid I bought this silly magnet for my grandma. It's hard to read because it's very old, but it says "You're some-bunny special."

rabbit magnet

She owned a bar/grill and put the magnet on the back fridge in the kitchen. It was there for YEARS. When she passed, my uncle took over the bar for four years, and then sold it. I completely forgot that the magnet was still there, but my cousin knew how much my grandma meant to me, and snatched the magnet to give to me after the sale. That magnet is now on my fridge where I can see it every day.

Here's where the story gets creepy. On my grandma's birthday last year, I was up early making breakfast for my family. I was alone in the kitchen, when I heard a quiet thud. When I turned around that magnet was on the floor. JUST that magnet! I was not near the fridge when it happened... I get chills again just thinking about it.

Here's a throwback video of a time I completely lost it on the radio. This was many years ago, and I still cry every single time I watch it. Grab your tissues!

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