After nearly 6 hours of agony, Samm has something amazing to show off. 

Ok, so it wasn't THAT bad! BUT, it wasn't fun by any means.

I've been wanting a sleeve for a LONG time. I was slightly terrified for a number of reasons. 1. It's VERY visible! 2. Would I be accepted at a more professional career? 3. How much will it hurt?

I've been getting mixed reviews on my new tat. Most people are impressed with the gorgeous colors, some stay rather quiet (you know what that means lol) and I've had one older guy say "I don't get it!" The beautiful thing is, it's MY body, and I love it!

Why a lighthouse?

Samm's Tat

My grandma! My grandma and I were extremely close. To feel like she was with me when I got married, we tied the knot by a lighthouse. This particular lighthouse is the one I said "I do" to my best friend. Not only that, on the swing, you can see two people. That is one of my wedding photos.

Some would call me crazy. I would tell them I'm crazy in love! And in the off chance things don't work out, the picture is from a magazine (JOKES).

Thank you James at Sacred Heart! I will forever love this beautiful piece of work!

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