One of the great things about living in southeast Minnesota is the quality of life we enjoy here, right? Though things are reasonably safe, crimes ARE committed here. And now you can see where!

Sure, Rochester is safe. We know that, and the fact that we've been consistently ranked as one of the Best Places To Live also backs up that point. But thanks to the gang over at, you can see right where the latest crimes have been committed, right in your neighborhood.

Rochester mn crime map

According to SpotCrime, they "collect relevant crime data from police agencies and validated sources, plot it on a Google map, and deliver daily and weekly crime alerts. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and timely geocoded crime information to the public," their site says.

I entered the address of the Quick Country 96.5 worldwide headquarters in downtown Rochester. (We're at 122 4th Street SW, by the way.) And clicking on the SpotCrime map, you can see that there have been what appears to be several instances of various crimes in and around our little neighborhood. It looks like a couple of arrests, as well as a couple of thefts. There are also several crimes listed in the "other" category, though I'm not sure just what those are.

The good news is that there weren't any violent crimes on the map-- no shootings, or robberies-- in our neck of the woods downtown. This also seems to support data from this ADT Crime Map that says Rochester is ranked 'slightly below average' in five out of ten crime categories, including larceny, personal crime, property crime, rape and overall crime.

You can check YOUR specific neighborhood on the SpotCrime map HERE.

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