It's the law in 14 other states right now, and Minnesota could soon join them if this bill passes the state legislature this year.


It's called the 'Hands-Free' Law, and it basically bans any cellphone use while you're driving unless you're using a hands-free device. And, according to THIS article, a version of that law has been proposed in both houses of the Minnesota legislature.

"Democrat Rep. Frank Hornstein says more and more accidents are the result of distracted driving. He says this law would save lives and prevent injuries," the story noted.

Now while I'm all for preventing injuries and accidents, I don't think we need yet ANOTHER law on the books. Yes, distracted driving is a BIG problem. But we already HAVE distracted driving laws here in Minnesota. And, texting and driving-- even if you're stopped at a traffic light-- has been illegal here since 2008.

Do we really need another law that specifically outlaws talking on your phone while driving? (And, who really talks on their phones that much these days? Isn't everyone just texting each other?)

It seems to me there are many other things that are just as distracting as talking on your phone while-- like trying to get your kids to behave or stop crying in the backseat, for example.

Perhaps these legislators could divert their efforts into something more worthwhile-- like making liquor sales legal in Minnesota on Sunday!  ;)

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