One city in Minnesota has just passed an ordinance that prohibits pet stores from selling dogs and cats as pets. Should Rochester do the same thing?


According to this ABC-6 story, the city of Roseville has just banned sales of cats and dogs from pets stores within its borders at a meeting Monday night.

If follows what the story says is a "a citizen-led movement to end the practice which has been criticized by animal rights advocates who say keeping the animals in cages is harmful."

Should Rochester do the same thing?

I wouldn't be opposed to such a ban. I firmly believe in the 'Adopt, Don't Shop' policy, meaning, that if you're looking to add a furry member to your family, adopt one from a rescue or animal shelter, because there are SOO many animals out there who need a good home.

Out of all the animals I've ever owned-- and that's been at least 4 dogs and 4 cats-- I've always adopted them from local shelters and rescues. I even volunteer at Paws and Claws, helping to walk dogs waiting for their forever homes, so I know firsthand just how many heartbreaking stories of homeless pets there are out there. We don't need to be breeding and then selling even more-- especially for profit, if you ask me.

Breeders, though-- who sell puppies or kittens directly to families-- wouldn't be affected by the ban, believed to be the first of its kind here in Minnesota, the story noted.

So what do you think? Should Rochester adopt a similar ban?

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