Everybody likes finding THEIR beach. For many, it's a part of Park Point, Brighton Beach, or just some rocks by the Lakewalk.

Everyone's perfect beach is a little different, but there usually some common threads. A good beach gives you sun, maybe a nice place to lay and take in that sun, enough water you can take a dip, or just enjoy a view of the water along the shoreline.

Most people think of Park Point right away, but that makes for a lot of people concentrated in one area. Then you wind up too far from the water, kids and dogs running around kicking sand on you and your towel. I think everyone knows what I am talking about.

I have a solution. There are other destinations that have fewer people. A quieter or smaller, more intimate beach. These might be good date beaches and romantic places to be with the one you love. The great part is, some of them might be in your proverbial backyard.

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Pack your beach gear and head out to one of these underrated beaches while taking along what you would to Park Point; like a beach floatie, sunscreen, towel, a picnic basket, and someone to share it with.

Here are some underrated gems and lesser visited to get in some beach time around the Northland with smaller crowds.

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