We may not always think "beach" when we think Minnesota, but think about it... we do have 90,000 miles of shoreline! That's way more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined!

Sure, we might be using the term "shoreline" loosely since we're pretty much talking about lake shoreline, BUT it counts.

Since most of us have already spent a good chunk of the summer on the "beach" at our favorite lake and cabin, I figured it'd be fun to see which of these destinations actually welcome our furry friends... our pooches!

Thinkstock: Mark Balyshev

According to this website, these beaches are pooch-friendly.

  1. Minnesota Point - which is "on a sandbar in the Nemadji and St. Louis Rivers." It even has hiking trails nearby!
  2. White Bear Dog Beach - a perfect spot for small dogs (shallow water) and big dogs alike! Doggos do need to be leashed if they don't play well with others.
  3. Camden State Park Beach - just off US-14 E passing Mankato, getting to this beach is just over a three-hour drive. It's a haul, but easily navigable.

Which beach sounds perfect for you and your dog?

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