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You could call him a 'serial-squirter,' because someone has apparently been driving around and shooting women with a squirt gun here in Minnesota.

I guess it makes sense that a story like this would happen in 2020, because, well, 2020, right? But yeah, there's been a rash of women who've apparently been shot with water from a squirt gun here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

This strange incident has happened several times so far this later summer and early fall in the Twin Cities, and not just in downtown Minneapolis, either (which was what I was thinking when I first read the story.) Reports of a 'serial-squirter' have also been received in suburbs like Richfield.

And, they're being squirted with what apparently is only water, but from one of those old school, small squirt guns you might find as a prize at a child's birthday party-- not the massive super soaker-type of water guns that hold a lot of liquid and can get you really wet.

This totally 2020 freaky phenomenon has happened multiple times in the Twin Cities metro and is still ongoing, according to this City Pages story:

Over the last several weeks, dozens of women have reported being squirted with…something, by the driver of a dark blue or green car. Nearly all the targets are women or female-presenting, and most describe getting hit with a liquid that’s colorless and odorless—probably water, though no one knows for sure.

The story said that one woman, understandably freaked out about being hit in the face with some sort of liquid, called 911 to report the incident (though she said she felt a little silly doing so) and then went and got a COVID-19 test, which, luckily came back negative.

So far, the story noted, police in the Twin Cities say it's an 'ongoing investigation' and that no arrests have been made. What in the world would make someone drive around and squirt women with water from an old school squirt gun?!? Weird. And naughty, right? And speaking of naughty, keep scrolling to find out how many of these 10 Naughty-Sounding Minnesota cities you've heard of...

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