A recent Facebook post by a Farmington man has garnered some attention for what's being seen in the photo. The picture seems to show a monkey running across a field between Castle Rock and Randolph. So the question is, who's got a loose pet monkey? 

It looks like it could be a Capucian monkey, maybe a fox (think bushy tail), or since it's blurry a baby Sasquatch running in a field. The post by Benjamin Strunic earlier today has been shared over 500 times and has been commented on over 150 times by people reacting to the post. 

In Minnesota since 2005, it is illegal to keep a regulated animal, like a lion, tiger, bear, or monkey according to Section 346.155. A person in possession of a regulated animal "has 90 days to come into compliance with regulations promulgated by the United States Department of Agriculture for regulated animals under the Animal Welfare Act, Public Law 89-544, and its subsequent amendments, and the regulations adopted under that act relating to facilities and operations, animal health and husbandry, and veterinary care for regulated animals."

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