Potholes suck. They can damage your car, maybe cause injury if your walking/running and not paying attention. But what if we took the common pothole and turned it into something else. A lakeside retreat, a scene from Jurassic Park, or a serene fishing hole. A Southern Minnesota photographer has taken his local potholes to the next level artistically speaking. 

38th Street Photography out of Mankato is re-imagining Mankato-area potholes. From Christmas in July, to a Jurassic Park type scene, to a strip club themed pothole.

This photographer really goes the extra mile with making this pothole scenes as real as possible. Just look at this one with dinosaurs.

Things get a little spicy after hours with this pothole scene.

The photographer behind 38th Street Photography is Shawn Weigel created the Mankato Summer Pothole Series, on his Facebook page and so far the photos have been shared more than 1,000 times.

Weigel who we attempted to reach out to earlier today, told KEYC in Mankato that the project started with "one pothole photo as a joke outside Burger King" and "after receiving a lot of positive feedback, decided to turn the photo into a series."

It's a pretty creative way to deal with something that we all hate to some degree.

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