Last night photos began to appear on social media of a strange line of lights in the night sky over Minnesota. Social media across the globe also reported having been seeing a line of lights across the sky moving like a train, in a straight line towards an unknown destination. Those strange lights cruising across the sky turned out to be Elon Musk's latest batch of Starlink satellites which were launched into orbit May 4th.

The lights were seen here in Faribault, Apple Valley, Forrest Lake, and Savage according to a Reddit post asking others if they had seen lights over the Wright/Hennepin County area sky.

Elon Musk has been launching his Starlink satellites on a regular basis as he gears up to be able to provide high-speed internet to all areas of the globe. The link of lights was a part of one of his latest launches as the satellites were working their way to where they will set up and start providing internet. You can watch another launch of these satellites today below.

  People's initial reaction to the lights though was a mixed bag of intrigue and morbid humor.  

Many of the photos show the line of satellites traveling vertically in the sky versus horizontally in our area of the world.

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