You guys knew this one was coming.

How many times have we invested our every emotion into a TV show, or a special character in that show, only to have their storyline ripped right out from under us!!!

Val and Samm decided to whine about the fact that this happens all too often, during this week's edition of Whine Time!

Yeah, the Nashville thing hit us hard. I know - you're sitting there reading this saying, "Val...Samm... it's going to be okay. Take a chill pill!" HOWEVER, we can't deny how we feel!

Serious question: do you five up on shows when your favorite character is no longer part of them? Val is actually still debating whether or not to continue giving Nashville the time of day. WHERE DO WE GO WITHOUT RAYNA!?

Okay, back to reality. This is silly. We know. ;-)

Sound off in the comments below! Tune in next week for more Whine Time!

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