It's no secret that Brett Eldredge's songwriting partnership with Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan has led to plenty of hits. The country star says that's in large part a result of the friendship and mutual understanding they share.

During the songwriting process for Eldredge's single "Love Someone," the trio focused on following a feeling. Read on for Eldredge's account of where that feeling led, and his explanation of why this particular songwriting partnership is so strong.

We've just always had this special thing together as friends and songwriters.

[Ross had] just gotten a new studio. I showed up, and we started with this feel-good vibe, kind of the same as when we wrote "Beat of the Music" together. Heather rolled in a little bit late, which she does, but she does it in a perfect way sometimes that makes it even better, because she just jumps right in.

We got in this groove, and we wanted to not overthink it. We wanted to put in lines that were clever, but with this kind of song, you just want something feel-good.

When you hear "When I wake up in the middle of the night / You holding me so tight / Good Lord, I mean, my oh my ..." -- for me, that sounds like something I heard in church when I was a kid. My grandpa kind of used to speak in that old way, and he used to use words like that, and I write a lot of songs inspired by my grandfather.

So we chased that feel-good feeling, and the best thing to do was not get in the way of it.

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