If you've ever celebrated some good news, maybe it was an engagement, or you simply wanted a nice meal in an iconic setting you may have been to Jax Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis. The restaurant is known as much for its food as it is for its red velvet and polished walnut. Unfortunately, those special moments will have to be celebrated elsewhere for the time being as Jax is closed after 'structural damage' was uncovered with the building. The restaurant plans to open back up, but that won't be for months as they work to fix the damage.

A message on the Jax Cafe website states that "the recommended restoration will require all or part of the building to be closed to public access for three to four months."

Paul Shea/TSM
Paul Shea/TSM

Jax's is a place that is really unique as it not only offers up great food and atmosphere, it also allows you to catch your own dinner in the trout pond out back near the patio.

Current owner Bill Kozlak's family built the building in 1910 and it housed a furniture store, hardware store, to go along with offering and funeral services as well as being the local dance hall. According to the Jax website "when prohibition ended in 1933, a liquor license was obtained and Jax Bar and Cafe was born- in the very part of the building the main bar lives today."

I truly hope they can get the building fixed and back open sooner rather than later as 2020 and 2021 haven't been kind to the restaurant industry as a whole, and with the current shortage in the workforce, closing can't be ideal for the popular NE Minneapolis restaurant.

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