Yes, the headline sounds unbelievable, but this story DID happen, and right here in Minnesota, too.

Can you imagine having too much to drink, getting your kids in the car (or truck in this case) and then trying to outrun police -- all while on a frozen lake?

This guy should get the Quick Country Stupid News Award for even trying such a dangerous stunt.  According to a post on the Chisago County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, this incident happened last week on Green Lake, about 5 miles west of I-35 near Wyoming, Minnesota, about an hour and 45 minutes north of Rochester.

Luckily, deputies were able to catch up with the suspect and arrest him before anything happened. The kids in the car weren't hurt, and everybody is safe. And, it all happened when a deputy on routine patrol just happened by. Talk about timing!

I can't believe people still run from police! Has that EVER worked out well? (Of course, I can't believe a guy who allegedly was drunk would toss his kids in the car and try to outrun police on the ice, either.)

You can check out the incredible video below:

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