I tend to look through a lot of Minnesota homes for sale, especially homes that I can't afford. That means I end up looking at multi-million dollar homes typically on Lake Minnetonka. I started thinking about who would live there and you know who would absolutely live there? Barbie!

Did you ever have one of the Barbie Dream Houses? I can't remember if I had the official Barbie Dream House. If I didn't I had something similar. I had lots and lots of Barbie stuff, that was one of my favorite things to play with as a kid.

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So if Barbie were to have a Minnesota Dream House what would it look like? What would it need to include? I think I found the perfect Minnesota version of Barbie's Dream House for sale in Wayzata.

Take a Peek Into the Minnesota Version of Barbie's Dream House

If Barbie were to own a home in Minnesota, what would it look like? I think I've found the Minnesota version of Barbie's Dream House and it's for sale in Wayzata.

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