Winter is here! We've had a few bad days, with school delays and winter warnings. To saveth thy asseth, here are the 10 commandments for driving during Minnesota Winters.


  • I

    Thou Shalt Drive With Headlights

    Visibility is low

    Visibility is not clear

    Turn on your lights

    So they can see your rear

  • II

    Thou Shalt Remove Snow From Vehicle

    No, it is not acceptable to scrape just a small spot for you to see out the front! I need to see your brake lights and turn signals too. Clear it ALL off!

  • III

    Thou Shalt Not Think You're Invincible

    All wheel drive cannot save you from everything. Slow down, buckle up and be careful!

  • IV

    Thou Shalt Not Tailgate

    Winter, summer, night, day, it doesn't really matter when or where it is, stop tailgating! Don't forget who pays for the damage when one is rear ended... Just sayin.

  • V

    Thou Shalt Prepare Thyself

  • VI

    Thou Shalt be Minnesota Nice While Driving

    Just because you have a big truck and 4 wheel drive, does not mean thou shalt drive like a jerk.

  • VII

    Thou Shalt be on the Lookout for Mayo Employees

    This goes for all seasons. If you're downtown, prepare for a game of Frogger (we do not condone hitting people).

  • VIII

    Thou Shalt Respsect the Black Ice

    You just never know when the evil black ice monster will show his face again - slow down!

  • IX

    Thou Shalt Use Signals

    While we have many talents, reading your mind is not one of them...

  • X

    Thou Shalt Never Take Down The Vikings Window Flag

    Frozen or not, show your team spirit!

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