Seeing as we just came through the coldest April in Rochester history, I've been making it a point to really savor our warm, spring weather we've been having. And along with the warmer weather, there are some tell-tale scents that mean summer's almost here too.

I think it's the added humidity in our atmosphere that made really smell like summer to me yesterday. It got me thinking of some other classic smells that mean the warm weather's finally here in southeast Minnesota:

Freshly Cut Grass
Sure, you might have mowed your lawn once already this spring, but the smell of grass that's just been cut just seems to scream summer.

Swimming Pool
Technically, I guess the smell that reminds me of summer is actually the smell of chlorine they used to dump in the municipal pool in my hometown more so than it is the swimming pool itself (especially given the advent of some saline pools), but any kind of body of water, whether it's a pool or a lake, sure smells like summer to me.

Is there a more distinctive smell that means good times, outdoors in the sun more than the smell of sunscreen? And, of course, it helps keep your skin from turning as red as a lobster, too. A classic summer smell!

Another classic summer smell is the smell of rain. Whether it's the smell of your lawn right after it's stopped raining, or the smell of rain on the pavement, rain is another sure smell of summer!

A Grill
And here's the best smell that tells you it's summer here in southeast Minnesota: The smell of a grill. Is there anything better? Whether it's a big 'ol steak that sizzling away or even a charcoal grill that's just been lit, this is my absolute favorite summer smell. I wish I could bottle it up and smell it during the middle of one of our long, cold winters. It's a summer-smell classic!

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