Here in Minnesota, we're known for being tops in the nation in many things, like our schools, quality of life, and more. And now, our airport is once again at the top of the list.

Yep. The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Bloomington has once again been named the Best in North America for the third year in a row by the Airports Council International. (Okay, so we have to share the top spot with Detroit this year, but still...)

This BringMeTheNews story quotes the Brian Ryks, CEO of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, who said in a press release, "MSP Airport’s consistently high ranking underscores the effective public-private partnerships at the airport and the airport community’s shared commitment to providing the best experience possible for travelers.”

I will say there are some cool restaurants and bars at the MSP airport. When we were flying back from San Francisco a few years ago, I'm not sure which concourse we landed in, but when we got off the plane, the lounge we walked through looked way cool-- it was ultra-modern, was serving some cool martinis, had some great beers on tap (I, of course, noticed THAT as we made our way through and headed down to the baggage claim on the lower level) and everybody there appeared to be having a great time.

It looked so cool, my wife and I were tempted to find out which concourse it was and head back to just to have a drink and check it out. (We haven't done that, though, because despite how cool the place might be, it still just seems wrong to spend MORE time at the airport when you're not flying, doesn't it?!?)

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