We know we're pretty biased, but we think these videos were funny, important, and really captured 2017.

Curt, Samm and Val have already gotten to know each other pretty well as the Quick Country team over the past year! In fact, they're no longer strangers to making really silly and dumb videos together.

Here are some of our best videos that we made in 2017.


  • 1

    The one with the "scare".

    It was a quiet spring morning in March while Samm and Val were bemoaning the first loud spring storm we had in an episode of Whine Time.

    Curt took this opportunity to spook the girls and ran with it!

  • 2

    The one where Curt wears a tiara.

    He did it for Val. He deserves an award. Pay attention to their thoughts on driving in Rochester!

  • 3

    The one where we finally met "Raul".

    He's been so elusive... until now.

  • 4

    The one where we got upset over a dog story.

    This was incredible sad, and we poured our hearts out.

  • 5

    The one with Val's medical story.

    Some of you knew this about her, and some of you didn't. Either way, it was eye-opening! She also shared a mental health story too.

  • 6

    The one where "Rude Dinosaur" is introduced!

    This clown was everywhere this summer.

  • 7

    The one where we bemoaned restaurants closing.

    Too many of them have left!

  • 8

    The one where Val surprised a girl at school.

    It was so much fun! She didn't see it coming!

  • 9

    The gross one.

    Hey, it was for a good cause!

  • 10

    The one where they failed at the "Invisible Box Challenge" - hardcore.

    There was no saving how horrible this attempt was.

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