Can you believe!? One of the guys in the Netflix revised Queer Eye has some serious roots in Minnesota!

#NETFLIXFYSEE Event For "Queer Eye" - Panel
Getty Images: Frazer Harrison

If that wasn't a clue already, let me spell it out for you, henny: JONATHAN VAN NESS HAS A MINNESOTA CONNECTION! YAAASSSS!!

After a little bit of digging on Wikipedia, a friend and I discovered that JVN has no shame in his Minnesota game.

He's known as the grooming expert on Queer Eye, and his roots in Minnesota are sort of a compliment to us! It's like saying we know how to make people look good and feel confident! Did you know that he scored those grooming skills from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis? For the record, they're a national company and Minneapolis is where they're headquartered. So you know it's of-ish, bish! Jonathan graduated from Aveda, and has worked primarily on the west coast since.

In honor of this, I think it's time to celebrate! Here are my favorite JVN moments, hunny!

Also, we can't forget these amazing gifs that capture this beautiful unicorn serving rainbows to "subjects" on Queer Eye.

Now spray, delay, and walk away sweetie, and spread this to your fellow JVN lovers!

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