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They're representing the Land of 10,000 Lakes in a national contest for the best-looking police squad car, and the Minnesota State Patrol needs your vote.

My dad was a police officer for over 30 years back in my hometown in central Wisconsin, so I grew up being fascinated by those slick-looking squad cars with the lights on top that dad got to drive. That hasn't changed much, as I'm still enthralled by the sharp-looking cruisers and the graphics various law enforcement departments use today.

Which is why I was interested when I saw this plea for help from the good folks at the Minnesota State Patrol, who need our vote for their squad cars in the annual Best Looking Police Cruiser Contest. The contest is put on every year by the American Association of State Troopers, and while there isn't a grand prize, bragging rights are definitely on the line.

You can vote for that familiar maroon and white Minnesota State Patrol cruiser HERE. Voting started Tuesday, July 7th and runs through 11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 21st.

Now even though I'm a Wisconsin native, the Minnesota State Patrol cruisers are DEFINITELY some of the slickest-looking out there. I mean, does any other state incorporate a distinctive color, like the University of Minnesota maroon, on their cruisers?!? I think not!  And their design that incorporates the official State Patrol logo (which includes the distinctive shape of our fine state) along with white doors is pretty cool-looking too. They totally deserve to win, right?

So, come on, Minnesota State Patrol! Bring home the win for Minnesota! (Again, you can vote HERE). And, thanks for your service to the North Star State!

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