Various places are out with their forecast for the upcoming winter, but I found the most accurate Minnesota winter forecast...ever!

Being that I'm an amateur weather geek, I take special note of what various agencies and forecasters are calling for when it comes to our upcoming winter season. Are we going to have another record-breaking season like last winter? Will the Polar Vortex drop our temperatures to 30 below zero again this year? Or will Global Warming Climate Change keep our weather warm and toasty this season?

The National Weather Service just released its early Winter Weather Outlook and it says "much of the northern United States will likely see higher than average precipitation from December through February. The prediction for Minnesota puts the chances of a snowier than average winter at between 50 and 60-percent."

Of course, that also means we have a roughly 50 percent chance that it WON'T be snowier than average, too. So what gives? What CAN we expect? I always come back to a meteorologist I worked with back in Wisconsin and what he would say when anybody asked him what we could expect during the upcoming winter: It's going to be, "Colder, with some snow..." he'd always say. You can't argue too much with that, can you?

And, along those same lines, Mark Baden, a meteorologist for WISN-TV over in Madison, Wisconsin, posted his Most Accurate Winter Forecast Ever on his Twitter page earlier this week. And even though he's over in America's Dairyland, his winter forecast is also incredibly accurate for us here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes too. Check it out:

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