Sure, you've probably heard of Minnehaha Falls or Gooseberry Falls, but did you know what the most hidden waterfall here in Minnesota is only a quick drive from Rochester?


That's right, it is... and you'll find it at Shadow Falls Park in St. Paul. According to Google Maps, the park is only 83 miles from Rochester, which will take you about an hour twenty minutes to get there if you take Highway-52. (And assuming you don't get caught in one of the constructions zones, that is.)

The park itself is easy to get to, located along Mississippi River Blvd at the end of Summitt Avenue. There are some nice open areas, hiking and biking paths, a great view of the Mississippi River and a monument to World War I.

But the most hidden waterfall in Minnesota will take a little hiking to find. According to, start by heading to the monument.  Then follow these directions:

"Take one of the many dirt paths leading away from the main park area. The first path down from the viewing platform leads down to a large, relatively flat area overlooking the river. Next, you'll want to continue on the path. If you are facing the river, the waterfall is to the right."

I haven't been there-- yet, but I can't wait to take a drive up to St. Paul to see it for myself. Check out this video to see more...

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