One of the biggest national stories making news yesterday and today is the big snowstorm hitting the northeast part of the country-- even though it's pretty much what we just call 'winter' here.

Massive Snowstorm Brings Up To Foot Of Snow To Large Swath Of Northeast
Getty Images

I know this because all the national network news shows can't stop talking about it and covering the big storm. Sure, it looks like they're in for a pretty good amount of snow (somewhere between 6 and 12 inches is the forecast for places like New York, Philadelphia and Boston), but is it that big a story nationally?

I mean, come on, we get a big snow storm like that 2 or 3 times each winter here in Minnesota, and that rarely even gets a mention on the national news.

But because most of the network anchors and reporters are located along the East Coast, either in New York or Washington, D.C., we ALWAYS get to see how they're getting covered in snow-- so much, some schools have even closed!

Gee, what would that be like? Come on, people-- it's winter! You're going to get some snow, right? All of us here in the Midwest don't think it's that big a deal. (Of course, at least we can relate to a big snow storm. I wonder how all that storm coverage is playing in place like Arizona, New Mexico or California?!?)

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