Who knew that, just by walking around this corner in southwest Rochester, you could be transported back in time?!?

Let me say first that I'm somewhat addicted to Google Maps. I've always loved maps, even when I was a kid, but the interactivity Google has brought about is really amazing. I use the Google Maps app all the time on my phone.

And Google Street View is equally as amazing. You can enter just about any address here in these good 'ol United States of America, and with a few key-strokes, see exactly what that place looks like.

Which is why I found it so amusing when I was checking Googe Maps and happened upon the intersection of 6th Street and 4th Avenue Southwest here in Rochester. It's the intersection where Twigs is located.

The top picture shows how that intersection looks today (well, from August of 2019, anyway), complete with the new Residence at Discovery Square apartment building pretty much finished. (At least on the outside, that is.)

4th Avenue heading south towards 6th Street... in 2018? (Google Street View)

However, when you navigate around the corner using Google Street View, the intersection completely changes! Take a look at the second picture, which takes you back in time to almost two years ago, back to July 2018, when that project was just starting. (And if you click on the clock icon, you can scroll back to see what that intersection looked like all the way back in 2012!)

I give Google a lot of credit for keeping their maps app updated as much as they do, especially here in Rah-Rah-Rochester, where there's been so much construction that street corners can look completely different in a fairly shot amount of time. But it's still kind of cool to take this virtual time-warp--  just by going around the corner!

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