If you don't know this band, you're a country fan in southeast Minnesota - I feel sorry for you.

A night out with friends at North Star Bar on Saturday night turned into a raw voice and beer spills on my boots for me, but it also turned into a night I'd remember seeing Jailhouse Payback live for the first time.

TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans
TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans

My first clue that this experience was going to be "different" (for me anyway) was a fiddle wielded by Jessica Daly.

She took the stage with such confidence as her bandmates joked around on stage before getting started with the music. They describe their chosen musical genres as "Americana, Alt-Country, and Rock and Roll" - all of which were represented Saturday night. They played everything from original songs to Tom Petty and Dolly Parton covers.

Jessica's chilled out version of "Jolene" reminded me of the Miley Cyrus cover of the same song, except something about being in a dive bar at 11 PM and hearing it made it more authentic. In my world, that means it was better.

You'll get to see this Rochester-Wabasha Frankenstein sometime around town soon I'm sure, and when you do - enjoy it! Go to the show!

You really won't regret it.

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