Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The meteorological summer that just ended was slightly warmer and drier than normal in the Rochester area.

The National Weather Service says the average temperature for the three-month period that ended August 31st was 70.1-degrees, which is 7-tenths of a degree warmer than the 30-year average. The average daytime high was 79.7-degrees, which was just slightly above the 79.5-degree average. Meanwhile, the average morning low was 1.2-degrees above normal at 60.5-degrees.

The monthly weather statistics show the average temperature in June exceeded the 30-year average by 2.5-degrees, while July was slightly cooler than normal and August was slightly higher.

The hottest day of the summer was June 17th when the mercury reached 92-degrees. The coldest temperature was 49-degrees, which was recorded on both August 30th and June 4th.

The National Weather Service records show June was rainy, while both July and August were drier than normal in Rochester. Overall, the precipitation total for the three months was just under 12.6 inches, which was almost 1.3-inches under the 30-year average. Over half of precipitation total for the entire summer fell in June when the nearly 6.4 inch total was 1.7-inches above normal but that surplus was erased in July and was followed by a 1.3-inch deficit in August.

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