The older the kiddos get, the harder they can be to shop for. As the mom of a teen, I know that the wish lists change from something pretty simple, to something very expensive very quickly. So, if you are wondering what to get your teen, or 'tween, this list might help you out some.


1. What teen doesn't have their phones out recording things, all the time? This camcorder makes it that much more fun, right?

2. Carrying a backpack is the thing to do, and you want to make sure there's room for all of their supplies.

3. Maybe a camcorder isn't the best idea, but, with this lens, any cellphone camera can take great pictures. Something fun for the budding photographer in your life, without shelling out the big bucks for a DSLR camera.

4. Gone are the days when a watch was worn to just tell time. This one syncs up with your cellphone and you can track activity, sleep patterns, even store songs. Oh, and you can respond to texts on it, when paired with Android system.

5. Now this is one I can see being used a lot, a lot of the teens I know cannot sit still, this is a good way to keep their hands occupied, without being on their phones.

Of course, if your teen is hard to buy for, don't forget the appeal of the Amazon gift card. They can pick out their own gifts, of course not as much fun for you, but this way you know they are getting what they want. You can also see even more of the top gifts here.

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