While are probably many things you wish you could head back in time and not see, here's one that's on top of my list.


I'm talking here about those seemingly innocuous things you used to be able to look past, but that once you see them, you now can't ignore anymore.

Like a two-mile long traffic back-up staring you in the face on Highway-52 when you're heading up to the cities that forces you to stop-- because it's too late to take the last exit.

Or noticing just how dirty the storm windows on your house are and now you need to do some spring cleaning.

So here's the one thing I wish I could 'un-see' that now I have to do something about: My current weight.

Yep, I was 'forced' into seeing what I weight the other day when we weighed one of our cats, and now I can't ignore it.

My usual approach, of course, is to judge things by how my clothes fit. Or how they don't fit. You know, if the jeans aren't too tight, I must not have gained too much weight over the winter.  Yes, I much prefer the head-in-the-sand approach.

But now, though, that I see what I actually weight (which isn't all that bad, but is still about 10 pounds over where I'd like to be), I HAVE to get back on the bike and back into the gym and hit the treadmill.

Sigh. It was so much easier before I knew what I weighed!

Are there any things YOU wish you could un-see?

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