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If you happened to be up in Bloomington earlier this week, you would have witnessed the largest salmon in the world when it was here in Minnesota.

Given that Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you'd think that witnessing the world's largest salmon might require you to head out on a body of water, right? Well, not so much. Because THIS large salmon was spotted at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport-- and it's a plane, not a fish. Okay, it's a plane with a special paint job that makes it look like the world's largest salmon.

The plane is part of the Alaska Airlines fleet, and is nicknamed 'Salmon Thirty Salmon II.' It was first given that unique livery (as they call it) back in 2012 to help promote genuine Alaskan seafood. The Salmon Thirty Salmon II was spotted at MSP on Wednesday, according to a post on the MSP Airport Facebook page.

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Here's how Alaska Airlines describe the plane:

Sporting an image of a wild 129-foot-long Alaska king salmon, the aircraft’s livery also features fish scales on the winglets and a salmon-pink colored "Alaska" script across the fuselage. The 2012 design is among the world's most intricately painted commercial airplanes and was produced in partnership with Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, which promotes wild, natural and sustainable Alaska seafood.

You can take a look at the Salmon Thirty Salmon II when it was on the tarmac at MSP below, and below that, there's a short video that shows how the crew at Alaska Airlines actually designed and painted that unique livery on the plane. (Spoiler alert: they used over 60,000 feet of masking tape and 125 colors of paint!)

Speaking of planes and flying, did you see how one airline announced last week that it was dropping flights from Minnesota this winter? And do you know the destinations that have direct flights from Rochester International Airport? Or maybe you're just going to stay here in the North Star State... but keep scrolling to check out some Minnesota attractions to avoid!

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