I was talking to a friend of mine that is a high school coach and teacher, and he was telling me that as the generations come through his classroom, fewer and fewer of them are interested in sports. Many of them are spending their time on video games and computers. With technology changing the way it is, exposing kids to the new technology will only help them in the future.

There is a company in Rochester called "Code Ninjas." This Texas-based company wants to help kiddos get the computer skills they need to pursue a career in coding and become successful adults when it comes time. According to their website, kids learn these skills through computer games, where they also learn teamwork, math, and problem-solving skills. As a child progresses through their program, they will earn wristbands that represent the skills they have gained over the years.

The Rochester center has three ways your kiddo can become  "Code Ninjas"... Drop-ins, Camps, and Parents Night Out. The website says Drop-ins allow the kids to learn these skills on their own time. Where Camps are structured and allows kids to learn the same skills but on a set time frame. The last option is Parents Night Out. According to the website, you can drop off your kid for a night of fun building robots and doing coding games, while you enjoy a night of "Kid-Free Fun!"

Code Ninjas in Rochester is located in the Miracle Mile shopping center at 126 17th Avenue NW and their phone number is (507) 361-2633

Hopefully, we will have some more "Coding Ninjas" running around Rochester soon because they are the future of our technology.

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