Technology has made it easier for many of us, but there are still some words that are just kinda difficult for Minnesotans to spell correctly.

These days, when you're wondering how to correctly spell a word, you just Google it, right? The days of heading to the old-school dictionary and looking a word up to get its correct spelling are long gone, thankfully.

So with Google being so prevalent in helping us spell these days, which words are we searching for the most online? That's the question, an online game site, set to find out. They looked at how many times a word’s spelling has been searched for on Google in the past year, then used that data to determine how relatively hard each word is to spell for those of us here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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So which words ARE the toughest for Minnesotans to spell? Check out the list below, courtesy of And while dictionaries are still around, they don't get used much anymore. So keep scrolling to check out some once-popular companies that aren't around anymore, either.

  • 10) CONGRATULATIONS - There are 7,100 estimated searches for this word each month.
  • 9) DIARRHEA - This unpleasant medical condition ranks ninth with an estimated 8,200 searches per month.
  • 8)  BOUGIE - Minnesotans searched for this word an estimated 8,300 searches each month.
  • 7) MAINTENANCE - Maintenance is the seventh most searched for spelling, with 8,500 estimated searches per month.
  • 6) NIECE -  Minnesotans search for this word an estimated 9,200 times per month.
  • 5) BEAUTIFUL - Beautiful is the fifth most searched for spelling, with an estimated 9,400 searches each month.
  • 4) RECEIPT - Receipt ranks as being the fourth most difficult word to spell, receiving an estimated 9,700 searches for ‘How to spell” per month.
  • 3) APPRECIATEMinnesotans search for this word an estimated 11,000 searches per month.
  • 2) PNEUMONIA - Pneumonia is the second most searched-for word, with an estimated 13,000 searches per month.
  • 1) RESTAURANT - Restaurant is comfortably the hardest word to spell in Minnesota. According to Google search volume, with an estimated volume of 95,000 searches per month.

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