A new insurance study has ranked Minnesota as having the second-worst in the country, which just might make sense when you consider these five worst behind-the-wheel offenders.

According to insurance company QuoteWizard, Minnesota's second-worst ranking was determined by things like accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations and fatalities. And, the study said Minnesota saw big increases in 2017 in accidents, speeding and citations.

Now, while those might be true, but I submit to you that THESE are the Five Worst Drivers in Minnesota:

5) Those First-In-Line-At-The-Traffic-Light Minnesota Drivers Who Don't Go When The Light Turns Green -- We're all depending on you to get through the intersection, so when that light turns green, you've gotta hit it, man!

4) Those Drivers Who Won't Accelerate Up To Highway Speeds When Merging Onto The Highway -- You're tooling down the on ramp to a 65 mph highway and you're only going 45?!? You're doing it wrong!

3) Those Minnesota Drivers Who Drive Way Slower Than The Speed of Traffic -- Even if you're in the righthand lane, when you're driving 20 miles an slower than the rest of traffic, you're creating a bigger hazard than those drivers who are speeding!

2) Those Minnesota Drivers Who Won't Move Out of The Lefthand Lane -- It's the passing lane, and is designed to let traffic move past you as you're out for a Sunday drive... you're not supposed to stay in that lane. Move over!

1) Those Minnesota Drivers Who Won't Do The Zipper Merge -- I continually don't get these people. If we use BOTH lanes during back-ups and take turns merging when it narrows to one lane, we cut the wait time for all of us in HALF. Do you want to wait in traffic even longer?!? Do the Zipper Merge!


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