When it comes to last names here in Minnesota, it's not surprising that most of them are based in our German and Scandinavian heritage. But do you know which last name is most popular here?


Well, the gang over at Forebears.com compiled a fairly massive database of all the last names (or, surnames, really-- but I say last name because I'm never sure if a surname is a first or last name) both here in Minnesota and specifically in Olmsted County.

And, no surprise, the most popular last name here in Olmsted County is... Johnson!  (Although, perhaps the term 'popular' is a bit misleading-- you don't choose your last name, after all-- so maybe the 'Most Often Ocurring Last Name' might be accurate.) Either way, it's still Johnson.

And that goes for all of Minnesota, too. Apparently, there are more families here named Johnson than any other last name. (And, cue the sad trombone sound effect: 'St. John' didn't even make the list, either here or statewide. Rats.)

Closer to home, here are the Most Popular (Or Most Common) Last Names in Olmsted County:

1) Johnson
2) Anderson
3) Nelson
4) Smith
5) Miller
6) Peterson
7) Hanson
8) Olson
9) Larson
10) Brown

Curious where your last name ranks? Check out the expanded list HERE.

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