Minnesotans LOVE to head to our State Fair every year, but the Fair isn't just fun-- it's BIG business for these food vendors!

The Great Minnesota Get-Together is one my favorite events of the year (and not just because it's the only place I can get Lift Bridge Brewing Company's 'Mini-Donut' beer, either), and it's regularly listed as one of the best State Fairs in the country.

But during the Fair's 12-day run each year, some food vendors make some serious coin. And I mean, SERIOUS. Would you believe... MILLIONS of dollars?!? Because that's just how much money the top 10 vendors at last year's Minnesota State Fair made!

This Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal story listed the top 10 vendors at the Fair last year, and topping the list again was... Sweet Martha's Cookies. They made just under $5 million at the Fair in 2018!!! "Sweet Martha's was the top-grossing food vendor at the State Fair yet again last year, with over $4.73 million in gross revenue across its three locations — a 7.9 percent jump from 2017," the story said.

Wow! Those aren't just sweet cookies Martha's making, that's a pretty sweet number too. Of course, that's the gross sale amount-- before Martha's costs are taken out, so it's not entirely profit. But it's still impressive for just 12 days, isn't it?

Other vendors on the top-grossing list include The Mouth Trap Cheese Curds, which sold just over $1.3 million at #2; then the All-You-Can-Drink Milk stand from the Midwest Dairy Association at #3 with sales of just over $1 million.

You can check the entire list of the top Minnesota State Fair food vendors HERE.

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