These names might be more well known for being the names of cities and towns across Minnesota, but they would also make some pretty cool names for your baby or pet.

A friend of mine posted on her social media feed how she once dated a guy who said he was named for a Minnesota city and asked for guesses on which city he was talking about. After a little while, she posted the answer:

As it turns out, my friend noted that she once dated a guy named Eli, who said he was named after Ely, Minnesota. (Of course, we all know Ely isn't pronounced "EEE-lie" like the name; it's pronounced "EE-lee," right?)

But that got me thinking about all the other great names that are featured right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Check out some of these other great Minnesota towns and cities from Facebook that would make great baby and/or pet names:

  • Tyler suggested Dundas. (As in, "You're a dundas!")
  • Erica offered up Delano (Which is her son's name.)
  • Matt said he'd love to name his son Foshay Wayzata. (Now THAT'S a mouthful!)
  • Tara mentioned she'd go with either Hallock or Dalbo. Missy said she'd love to name her son Winthrop. (Which is cool-- especially if it's a name like " Winthrop Hastings Sorensen the Third." And, of course, Winthrop was also used in 'The Music Man.').
  • Lindsay suggested either Aitkin or Luverne. (What? No Shirley?).
  • Jessica liked either Hinckley or Fergus (Falls)
  • But, Theresa wins with... Nimrod!

So, there you go. If you're looking for great names, look no further than your closest map of the Bold North. (Your kids and pets can thank me later!)

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