It might be kind of fun to say, but this Minnesota non-profit group is not laughing about their stolen colon.


Say what, now? A stolen... colon? How does someone steal your COLON, you might ask, right? Well, if it's an inflatable colon used for displays to help educate people about colon cancer and it's stored in a trailer in Kansas City, yeah, it turns out it's pretty easy to steal your colon.

Because, according to this Fox-9/Minneapolis story, that's exactly what happened to the Colon Cancer Coalition, a non-profit group based in Edina. They're the proud owners of the now-stolen colon-- the same colon that was taken right out of the back of a trailer while it was on loan to another non-profit in group Missouri.

The Colon Cancer Coalition routinely lets other non-profit groups borrow their inflatable colon for use at events and activities. They recently shipped their colon down to Kansas City for the Sister’s Living Beyond Breast Cancer 5K Relay Walk this past weekend. And that's pretty much the last time anyone has seen it.

The story says the University of Kansas Cancer Center is asking for the public’s help in recovering the inflatable stolen colon. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Colon Cancer Coaltion is raising funds to buy a new one. And, in case you're curious, a new colon-- inflatable, of course-- will run you about $4,000. So far, they've raised $935 towards a new one. (You can get more info-- and add your donation-- HERE)

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