We didn't get the severe weather that some parts of the state saw, but there were some impressive wind gusts as that cold front moved through southeast Minnesota.


Yesterday afternoon seemed more like July than October, didn't it? It was 80 degrees with a dewpoint of 70 degrees, making it hot and sticky at the palatial St. John estate when I headed out to take our dog, Asher, for a walk.

Of course, lurking just to our west, was that cold front that barreled across Minnesota last evening-- through and has things feeling way more like fall this morning. And while there were thunderstorms reported in areas from New Ulm northeast through the Twin Cities last night, it was those gusty winds that really whipped up throughout the Land of 10,000 (choppy) Lakes.

Matt Benz is chief meteorologist over at KTTC, and he posted a list of just some of the wind gusts from across our area last night on his Twitter page. The highest? How about a 66 mile-an-hour gust recorded at the St. Marys helipad on Second Street! Yeah, that's pretty windy.

Of course, a 60-mile-an-hour gust in Mason City, a 58-mile-an-hour gust in Zumbro Falls and a 53-mile-an-hour gust at Rochester International Airport aren't too shabby either.

And did your power go out last night? RPU noted on its Twitter page that crews were responding to power outages due to the wind in both northwest and southwest parts of Rochester last night.

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