With the Super Bowl-- I mean, 'Big Game'-- set for Sunday, the commercials get almost as much publicity as the game itself. But there's one classic Super Bowl commercial that's still my favorite-- and it was produced right here in Minnesota.

The commercial I'm talking about is now 16 years old. It made its debut during Super Bowl XXXIV back in January of 2000. That was the year the Rams beat the Titans, and it was also the year a lot of 'dot com' companies bought commercials during the Big Game.

One of them was the firm, Electronic Data Systems, or EDS. Their commercial, ‘Cat Herders’, was described by an advertising trade magazine like this:

“Cowboys talk about their life herding cats, describing the challenges of taking short hairs (as opposed to longhorns) through the open country to their destination at the ranch,” the story says.

I think it's great. And, it was even produced by a Minnesota firm, too– at  the ad agency, Fallon, in Minneapolis.  Take a look:

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